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Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places

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Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places

We all want to become our own-selves and want to live a stress free  life. Latest technology and easy access has made freelancing much simpler as compared to 5-6 years back. Freelancing has evolved as big business where people are utilizing their skills and helping other people to do their jobs in cheap price.

If you are into blogging and still trying to make money online then this is the best place for you to know some awesome ways to make money online.
Websites are  one of the easiest place to make money online with your skills and you can enjoy your life by sitting at home.

A number of students and homemakers all over the world are doing work from home, having chosen careers as freelancers sourcing work from online staffing platforms. Such websites are best way to make money online for housewives where they can do micro jobs in free time. These are the jobs which don’t need too much time so just in 1 hours they can deliver too much work.

Here are places to make money online by doing micro jobs.

These are one of the best micro job sites which people all across the world are using to make money online by working from home.

1. Fiverr

Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places

Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places – Darcob

This is a marketplace where people are selling their skills in $5 and you can get any of your online/offline work done in just $5. They call it GIG, so when you are buying anything from Fiverr then in their technical term you are buying GIGS.

Fiverr is completely free to join and you can list your services in $5. They will keep $1 from every gig which you will sell via Fiverr, in simple we can say; they are keeping $1 as commission.

This is a best place for internet marketers because there are many gigs related to social media,  graphics design, video and animation, writing, advertising, building backlinks, blog commenting, logo design, business cards, SEO, copy-writing and many more. Just name any online work and you will find people offering their services in just $5.

You can simply make your profile on Fiverr and start offering your services. Once you will start selling services then according to your customer’s responses they will rate your service. So Fiverr has made first level seller, second level seller and top rated seller. Once you will achieve any of the good levels, you will start getting more sales.

Start your online micro jobs on Fiverr and see money coming in your pocket everyday.

2. SEOClerks

Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places

Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places – Darcob

This is another awesome online micro jobs place where you can sell your services at any price. This works on the same principle of Fiverr. They keep 20% (Fiverr keep $1 for every $5) commission on every gig which you will sell them via SEOClerks.

In SEOClerks marketplace you will find Article writing, Link Building, Logo designing, Article read-proofing, Blog commenting, Social media and too many other awesome gigs which can boost business of any online entrepreneur.

Make your profile with them and start offering your micro services at higher price than Fiverr. Like Fiverr they also rate sellers and give them more visibility after selling good services.

3. GigBucks

Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places

Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs In Top 5 Places – Darcob

Gigbucks is a place where you can sell your services from $5 to $50 bucks.

Like other micro-jobs sites you can offer internet marketing services here too. They have broad categories for Advertising, Business, Graphics, Music, Programming, Technology and many other.

4. Microlancer


Earlier it was Freelancer Switch; a freelancing website from Envato network.

Now they have named it Microlancer which is more easy to remember as well as more targeted for people who love to do micro jobs.

On Microlancer you will find more experts and professional people than other sites because many online companies are providing their services via Microlancer. If you have any great skill in your then you can start offering your services in this site as well.

5. Zeerk


You can buy and sell your services from $2 to $100 here.

I have personally used this site 3-4 times and got my work done in just $2-3 which was available in $5, $10 on Fiverr, SEOClerks respectively. Quality of the service which they offers was great and they offers as soon as possible.

Now your turn

I would love to hear your stories if you are already doing micro-jobs on these sites and making money online. Your awesome comments will inspire other readers to start their jobs and make money.

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