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How to Get 500 Subscribers by Email Marketing in 48 hours!

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Email Marketing is the best way to to market your product, content.People are your loyal readers and they are already familiar with you and your blog.Maybe, getting your first 500 subscribers in 2 days seems impossible to you. While popular bloggers are flaunting about their fat big list of email subscribers, you are still struggling to get a handful of them.And then, this post title flashes in front of your eyes: How to Get 500 Subscribers in Tow Days!

Now, here, I’m going to reveal you this secret, how I created that bribe and how I gained 500 subscribers in just 2 days! Let’s go through it.

Step 1- Pick your Topic Wisely

Try to pick your topic wisely,  Research the topic on which you will make a free e-book.

This is the very important part, your freebie must solve the problems that your readers are facing otherwise it wouldn’t be much effective.

After a bit research, you will analyze that we people are lazy in doing the things quickly and struggle to find the pace. We often procrastinate our tasks, no matter how important they are.

Step 2- Have an Eye-Catching Headline.

Now after the topic, your e-book should have an eye-catching headline.

See, the headline of your e-book is as important as the inner content, if your title isn’t good enough, people aren’t going to sign-up anyway even if your inside content is great. You have to compel them by creating some irresistible headline.

Step 3- Create the content for your e-book smartly.

Search on google and check the most popular articles  and ways to eliminate it. Shortlist them and read them thoroughly.

You will get the dough of content online but it’s always present in the scattered form. All you have to do is to pick up the good points, leave the ordinary ones.

See, creating an e-book, doesn’t mean that you should start writing anything. You have to think about, what you’re going to provide to your readers and how it’s going to be beneficial for them.

Step 5. Drive Email Sign-ups like Crazy by Guest Posting.

Now the big question was, how people are going to find out about my e-Book? So, You should give it more visibility.

You cannot publicly announce that “Hey, I’m giving you something absolutely free.”  The fact is, people don’t give a crap about you and your freebie.

In order to give your freebie more visibility, You have to do a guest post.

Step 6. Find a Perfect Website related to your niche.

To get your free content noticed, find out the particular audience(website) which would be curious to read yours’ freebie, find out the right audience who would be the most interested in reading the topic around which you’ve made your e-book.

Do some research, you’ll find many authoritative websites to contribute your guest post.

Step 7. Write a Guest Post on the topic similar to your e-Book.

After finding the blog on which you’re going to guest post. Search down the topic which you can relate to your e-book.

They will easily accept the guest post requests, provided that your content should be good enough.

Step 8. Leave(only) the download link of your freebie.

Whenever you contribute a guest post. You are allowed to leave two or three links back to your blog and to other social media pages. And in that byline, include only the landing page of your freebie or where your sign up box is visible clearly.

Step 9. Submit your Guest Post and Wait for the magic to happen.

Now everything will be done from your end. It will be the time to submit the guest post and wait for something to happen.

Step 10.Time to check the notifications!

As soon as your guest post published, the traffic and sign-ups will start pouring. They will have the huge social media following, and when they share your post on their social media profiles, stats go sky-high.

Over to You

Email Marketing is the best way to to market your product, content or anything you wish to share.

You know why? Because they are your loyal readers and they are already familiar with you and your blog (as they have given their email address).

Your will have the high conversion rate as they are your readers(fans) who would buy anything you are selling.

And for that, guest Blogging is the best way to grow your email list. Once you cross the threshold of 500 subscribers, your list will eventually start growing.

All you have to do is to use this technique which I’ve just shared with you, collect emails and repeat!

Keep Experimenting and Never Stop Hustling!

Happy Blogging!


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